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Celiac Support Group Case Study: Branding

By: Design By Friday on

Branding involves many things: colors, shapes, images, content, user experience and more. It’s important for businesses to be consistent across all of these aspects in order to interest customers in starting a relationship with that business. In this example, we will discuss Celiac Support Group.    View Here

For Celiac Support Group, we designed a logo with bright colors that are inviting and energetic, paired with shapes that move the viewer’s eye from left to right. For the business card, we kept the same colors and shapes intact, creating a fluid consistency with the logo.

When it came time to design the website for Celiac Support Group, we made sure to, again, keep their branding intact. When we design a brand such as this, we want our client’s customers to be able to recognize the company quickly, no matter where they come into contact with them. As you can see, we utilized the colors from Celiac Support Group’s logo throughout the website and retained an inviting feeling for their customers.

Branding is an in-depth process that requires thought, planning, and great execution. For Celiac Support Group, we created a brand that is professional, consistent, and represents their message.

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