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SuperFit Camps Case Study: Branding

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Branding involves many things: colors, shapes, images, content, user experience and more. It’s important for businesses to be consistent across all of these aspects in order to interest customers in starting a relationship with that business. In this example, we will discuss SuperFit Camps.
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For SuperFit Camps, we were given the task to create a brand that was consistent, and provided their customers with what they needed to get in contact with SuperFit Camps. So, we started with updating their logo design. We created a forward movement with the typography, which promotes the feeling of energy. This goes hand in hand with SuperFit Camps’ philosophy on fitness. SuperFit Camps has classes for all ages, so the use of purple doesn’t make them look intimidating like a much stronger and brighter color would. Rather, it shows that SuperFit Camps is a place for everyone. The combination of energy in the typography and the use of purple promotes the message of what SuperFit Camps is all about.

When it came to the business card, we kept it clean, letting the logo stand out on it’s own. On the back, the “S” in SuperFit Camps is featured, keeping that forward moving energy intact.

Next was a new website for SuperFit Camps. Once again, consistent branding was used. We kept colors, shapes, images, content, and user experience consistent which created a great brand. On top of all that, we provided SuperFit Camps with a website that gave their customers and future customers the functionality that they want. By visiting, customers can view before and after’s, read about their classes, read blogs, find out when classes are offered, and even send a contact form for more information. Providing customers with a great user experience is a major part of each brand, and it’s important that every business represents themselves accurately through their branding.

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