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Stay at top of the minds of your customers with email marketing by sharing your newest product, latest news, and more.

Keep Your Business at
Top of Mind

Email marketing allows your business to stay in front of your customers and prospects. With a branded email marketing campaign, you can share your business’s newest product or service, latest news story, blog post, video, social media pages, and more. Since email campaigns are sent directly to the hands of your customers, it’s an easy way for them to initiate a relationship with your business. On top of that, it’s a great way to remind consumers that your business is out there and ready for them to contact you.

Q: Why should I use email marketing?

A: Email marketing brings a long list of benefits to your marketing plan. Not only can you personalize emails, but you can reach a lot of people at once with your latest content. Most email marketing softwares also provide analytics so you can see what's working. On top of all that, it provides consistent lead nurturing, turning more prospects into customers.

Creating an Email Campaign

Design By Friday will design an eye-catching email template that matches the branding of your business and then discuss with you the options for the time length of your campaign that best fits the needs of your business. At this time, we will also discuss the subject and content of each email.

Email campaign content can include anything that has to do with your business, but fresh content like blog posts and videos will be the most successful and help to generate more customers for your business. Email campaigns are also a great tool for driving traffic to your website, blog, and to your social media business pages. It’s just one of the main parts that make up great online marketing systems.

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Adobe Business Catalyst Email Marketing

Each website that we build on the Adobe Business Catalyst platform has an email marketing feature available. With this, your business is able to set up a recurring, branded email marketing blast that includes your desired content. With that, Adobe Business Catalyst also provides reporting and analytics on all email marketing, so you can see who is opening your emails, what links are being clicked on, and more. This allows your business to see your success and even improve upon future emails to generate even more customers.

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