Marketing Strategy Development Meetings

Discover our process to deep-dive into your business, your competition, and what marketing strategies will work best for your business. The result is a customized marketing strategy specific to the needs and goals of your business.

The Research

Meeting 1

Your Business

  • Discuss your business goals
  • Discuss your current marketing strategy and what is and what isn’t working

Meeting 2

Your Ideal Client

  • Discuss who your current clients are, your new prospects, and strategies to target them
  • Discuss opportunities to generate leads from champions
  • Discuss what problems you are solving for your customers

Meeting 3

Your Competition

  • Research and discuss your competition online and what marketing strategies they are using 
  • After researching your competition, we will discuss any marketing opportunities their may be

Meeting 4 (optional)

Keyword Research

  • Research and discuss SEO keywords that are specific to the services and/or products your business offers 
  • Selection of the best keywords that will be integrate into your website to increase online traffic

The Plan

Meeting 5

Marketing Strategies

  • Based on the information we discussed in our previous meetings, we create a custom marketing strategy plan specific for your business 
  • During our presentation, we will discuss which direction is best for your business

Meeting 6

Proposal Presentation

  • Our proposal presentation will include the custom marketing strategies we have created for your business 
  • At this time, the proposal can be adjusted so it best fits your needs

The Details

We recommend these meetings for businesses that are interested in generating and converting more leads.

All meetings are held over the phone or in an online meeting using a screenshare software.

Prior to each meeting, we conduct research on the upcoming meeting subject so we can present the proper resources for each discussion.

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