Website Build Process

Follow our process to find out how we work with you to deliver the results you want.

    • Project Starts: after receiving a signed contract and first payment
    • Weekly Online Meetings: select dates and times on calendars
    • Website Site Map: build and review for approval
    • SEO Keywords: review and approve if in project scope
    • Content: collect, review, and edit any content needed for final website
    • Passwords: collect all passwords needed to make your website live and provide you with reporting
    • Website Design: we will create several home page design options in Photoshop and review them in a weekly online screenshare meeting
    • Home Page Content: review and edit content needed for the home page
    • Design of Inside Pages: if needed, we will create and review several options for selected inside pages in Photoshop
    • Design Revisions: review your website design and make any necessary changes
    • Design Approval: after design is approved, second payment is due
    • Programming: set up navigation and begin programming website
    • Custom Features: program custom functionality, contact forms and auto responders
    • Website Content: at this time all content is due and added to website
    • Mobile Responsive Website: program a mobile responsive website
    • Website Review: present live version of website to client in an online meeting for review
    • Website Revisions: send website link to client for full review, changes, and final approval
    • Website Approval: after website is approved, second payment is due
    • Final Testing of Forms: We will do a final testing of all forms and auto responders
    • Final Testing of Mobile Website: We will do a final testing of the mobile responsive website
    • Going Live: We will forward your Domain Name (website address) to your new website
    • Reporting: We keep you informed by setting up Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools and BC Hosting Reporting
    • Website Backup: We keep your website safe by setting up a weekly backup service
    • Website Training: schedule online training
    • Custom Training Videos: create custom website training videos
    • Support: create and invite client to support portal with training video library and custom videos
    • Warranty: start 30 day warranty for technical issues

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